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Software Engineering
Beirut, Lebanon
Posted on Friday, October 20, 2023

Five billion people in the world do not have access to safe and affordable surgery, and this is a problem everywhere, not just in developing countries. Proximie is on the mission to save lives by democratizing healthcare through digital transformation; it is harnessing the power of telepresence, content management, and data and insights. Proximie is a rapidly growing, mission-driven health care SaaS platform that can virtually transport a surgeon into any operating room in the world, to remotely view, assist, mentor, or train not only other surgeons but also all healthcare staff and medical interns. Helping scale surgical expertise, from world-renowned hospital theatres to conflict zones, we save lives by sharing the world’s best clinical practice and give every single clinician real-time insight so they can provide optimal patient care to every patient, every time.

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Nadine Hachach Haram an NHS surgeon, Proximie is headquartered in London, has offices in Boston and Lebanon, has over 150 employees, and is deployed in over 50 countries around the world today.

Check out Nadine’s Origins Story here:

BBC Report:

Position Overview

We seek outstanding software engineers. While your experience with the tools we use is important, we are more interested in your abilities to take difficult problems, break them down into manageable sub-problems, and then engineer high quality solutions.

Your role is to provide engineered artefacts through your own efforts and as part of a collective endeavour within the team.

Although our preference is for full stack engineers, accepting that in practice most candidates will have a front-end or back-end bias. Both are equally valued, but candidates should be fluent in full stack development even if their expertise is more front or back end. Those with a front-end bias should be especially capable in React based technologies and have a detailed understanding of state management in complex and/or real-time web-based environments. Back-end engineers should be expert in Node.js and supporting toolsets, and come with deep cloud native experience, with AWS especially valued.

The scope of that output is your product, or as circumstances require, other products to enable delivery withing your product. As part of this you will:

  • Adhere to the Secure Software Development Lifecycle of Proximie, as implemented by the Delivery function in conjunction with the Engineering Leadership.
  • Deliver artefacts to the best of your abilities, given regard to your technical skillsets and delivery experience.
  • Act on and respond to data from monitoring, instrumentation, and investigation tools as part of our efforts towards continual improvement.
  • Maintain existing software assets as required.
  • Coach and educate others, and be open to coaching and education from others, as part of our efforts towards developing all our people in their professional skillsets.
  • Fluency in using TypeScript/JavaScript to create web applications using modern frameworks such as React.
  • Fluency in using TypeScript/JavaScript on server side with node.js to create distributed applications.
  • Fluency in using testing frameworks such as Jest/Mocha, Cypress etc. to deliver high quality software.
  • Working knowledge in using SQL databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL etc.).
  • Working knowledge in using Continuous Integration tools such as GitHub Actions, CircleCi etc.
  • Working knowledge of git and version control systems.
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work collaboratively.

It Would Be Beneficial If You Have Experience With:

  • High performance distributed systems.
  • Video encoding and multimedia toolkits and frameworks (ffmpeg, gstreamer).
  • Video playback (CDNs, VideoJS, HLS).
  • Search engines (Elasticsearch).
  • AWS/Azure/GCP.
  • Working in a highly regulated / compliance centric environment, and especially healthcare.
  • Previous experience collaborating with remote teams and collaborators.

Why Work for Proximie?

  • You will be encouraged to grow in your role, take ownership and gain responsibilities.
  • Generous annual leave.
  • Two “well-being” days per year plus the day off for your birthday.
  • “Summer Fridays” – early office closing on Fridays during summer months.
  • Bi-annual bonus programme – based on individual contribution.
  • To support your professional growth, all permanent employees will have access to an annual stipend of $1,000 to assist with personal development activities.
  • Flexible working hours - we trust our people to manage their time and to focus on wider results.
  • A flat organizational structure where every opinion matters, ideas are cultivated, and innovation is encouraged.
  • Proximie is a truly global company with teams across the UK, Europe, United States, Middle East, and Australia - with that you will have opportunities to see the world.

Proximie is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing a work environment that supports, inspires, and respects all individuals. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, genetic information, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, or any other status protected under the law.