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Engineering Manager



Software Engineering, Other Engineering
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Posted on Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Engineering Manager Needed: Code Wizards Welcome!

StashAway is on a quest to find an Engineering Manager who's not only a code whisperer but also a team wizard, ready to cast their spell in Kuala Lumpur. If leading a team with your magical tech skills and Gandalf-like wisdom sounds like your kind of adventure, keep reading!

Your Mission:

  • Command a Team of Code Connoisseurs: You'll be the maestro of a group that's all about slinging code and delivering results like there's no tomorrow. But it's not just about the code; it's about creating a band of brothers and sisters where everyone feels safe to learn, grow, and mess it all up (free blameless post-mortems included as a perk).
  • Be a Tech Jedi and a People Person: Sure, your technical skills can make a computer sing, but your real power lies in navigating the murky waters of human interaction. Whether it's hashing it out with stakeholders or being the shoulder to cry on for your team, you're all about keeping the peace and moving the mission forward.
  • The Senior Sage: In our Kuala Lumpur office, you'll be the guiding light for our team, serving as a beacon of knowledge and support. Your role is to mentor our engineers, helping them overcome challenges and excel in their careers. You're there to ensure a culture of collaboration, learning, and mutual respect is always in the air. It's about building a team that's confident in their abilities and knows they have a reliable, wise guide to help navigate their professional journeys.
  • Bridging Worlds: Our engineering and product teams are like peanut butter and jelly – meant to be together. You'll be the one making sure this sandwich doesn’t end up on the floor, using your keen product sense to guide decisions and dodge any incoming stakeholders asteroids.
  • Tech Stack Treasure Trove: Our tech stack is cooler than a polar bear's toenails. Check out our engineering blog to dive into the goodies we play with.

Why StashAway?

Because we're awesome, obviously. But also, because we believe in having fun while making a difference. We're a team that supports each other, learns from every situation, and knows how to laugh along the way. If you're looking to lead a team where your impact is as significant as your sense of humor, you've found your match.