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IT Manager



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Posted on Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The IT Manager will be a meticulous, IT-savvy and collaborative member of our Technology team.

As the thought leader on IT topics, you are responsible for defining and delivering a roadmap of IT initiatives that ensure the rest of the organisation can operate at their best. This will involve excellent hardware and software support, managing security, leveraging the latest in productivity technologies and optimising procurement service desk and IT processes.

You will be reporting to the Platform Engineering Manager, and will be supported by colleagues across departments and countries to ensure security and business continuity.

We are looking for an individual that has the willingness and capability to dive into the details and the breadth of knowledge, capability and confidence to continuously improve and streamline their domain of ownership.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create and continually improve a roadmap of IT projects and initiatives that align with the company's strategic goals.
    • Envision and execute short- and long-term visions for the company’s IT needs and goals.
    • Evaluate current IT processes and policies in the company and improve processes according to business needs.
    • Coordinate with internal stakeholders on applications and processes used to ensure departmental IT needs are met.
    • Produce monthly reports to identify issues or problematic trends and optimise ways of working.
  • Provision, track, manage and maintain all end-user devices, in-office equipment and software assets.
    • Configure hardware and software, facilitate equipment procurement, and manage existing IT assets.
    • Actively resolve problems and issues with computer, office network and server systems to limit work disruptions within the company.
    • Manage end user software (Adobe, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Jetbrains etc), ensure appropriate licences are assigned and costs are managed.
  • Manage service desk operations, leverage automation to streamline processes and improve service delivery.
    • Automate self-service remediation of frequent issues such as network connectivity.
    • Respond to first-level incidents in a timely manner, identify problems and address the root cause.
    • Provide hardware and software support to employees with all levels of technology proficiency.
  • Ensure a robust security posture through the deployment and leveraging of security tools and technologies and the definition and enforcement of strong security processes.
    • Monitor and manage network security and configuration, and cloud-based platforms.
    • Manage and update user access controls in the internal software access matrix.
    • Ensure that any unauthorised or high risk software is identified and removed from end user devices.
  • Train users on how to maximise the use of our internal tools such as Google Workspace, Notion, Slack and emerging tools.
    • Proactively seek out new tools (e.g. ChatGPT) and identify areas for deployment to drive team productivity.